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Custom Sign for Your Business.

Are you embarking on a new business venture and seeking a polished and effective way to inform your prospective customers? Look no further. The proficient and seasoned team of designers and fabricators at de SIGN co is here to provide your business with an extensive array of channel letter options.

When it comes to crafting your new sign, there are multiple crucial factors to consider. Not only does the design play a pivotal role in determining your business's success, but it's also imperative that your sign conforms to all local, federal, and building regulations and specifications. Fortunately, we have a track record in the sign manufacturing and printing industry, specializing in the design and fabrication of signs for both emerging and established businesses.

Discover more about the diverse range of channel letters we can skillfully create, tailored to your specific needs and preferences.

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Channel Letter

Channel letters are custom-created exterior signs, which include three main components: the return, trim cap, and face. A lighting element is used to illuminate the letters to provide extra visibility for your sign, even at night. Our stylish and custom-made channel letter helps create a lasting impact for your business. We use high-quality materials designed to withstand the harsh outdoor elements without fading.

Front Lit

Capture the attention of passersby with a front-lit channel letter on your storefront. Front lit channel letters are made with aluminum and a translucent acrylic or polycarbonate face. Once the interior LED light source is activated, it illuminates the sign. Front lit channel letters are one of the most popular sign options because they're easy to read and offer simple overall visibility day or night.

Back Lit / Halo

We may recommend back lit channel letters to create a luxurious and sophisticated sign. The sign is mounted to standoffs to lift the letter off the surface. LED lights are positioned to illuminate the area behind the sign, creating a soft halo effect around the channel letters. Back lit signs can be installed on the exterior of your building or interior.


Raceway is the preferred option for channel letters for many businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area. An enclosure is built which houses all the electronic components for your sign. The raceway is installed on the building façade, and the letters are attached. Many property owners and businesses prefer raceway because it provides easy access for repairs and requires minimal drilling.


Wireway is a slim aluminum housing for the wiring of your sign. Specific local regulations may require a wireway sign because the channel letters can only protrude from the façade a certain distance. However, the electrical components of your channel letters are installed within the wall, making repairs more time-consuming and expensive. Wireway requires many more holes for installation, so some building managers prohibit it.


Backplate helps to distinguish your sign by offering contrasting color elements that make your sign stand out. Our backplates can be fabricated to a specific shape or customized to create a border effect for your logo. Lighting elements can enhance your sign's aesthetic and improve readability at night.