Custom Neon Signs

Unleash Your Business's Creativity

Neon lighting illuminated major cities across the United States from the 1920s to the 1950s, creating stunning and vibrant displays, especially at night. Today, neon lighting is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. At de SIGN co, our experts specialize in crafting distinctive neon signs. Using premium materials and innovative technology, we can customize captivating signs that perfectly suit your business. Explore our neon sign options to learn more.
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How Our Neon Signs Are Manufactured

Traditional neon signs were made by charging rarified gas inside a pressured glass tube. When the gas became charged, it created unique and vibrant colors. However, long-term use wasn't practical as the effect would fade over time and be hard or impossible to repair. de SIGN co is able to create safer, more energy-efficient neon signs using LED lights and flexible tubing. Our creative team can help create your vision come to reality.  

Explore the Possibilities of Neon Signs

Neon signs transcend mere advertising; they've evolved into an art form. At de SIGN co, we harness the power of this iconic medium to draw attention to your business. With access to cutting-edge technology, our team offers unmatched customization, from design to color. We guide you through every design phase, and once approved, we initiate fabrication. Count on us for on-time project delivery, even for the most intricate designs. Let us transform your vision into reality.