Monument Signs

Enhance Your Business's Visibility & Aesthetic Appeal

Monument signs are frequently regarded as architectural extensions of your business, mirroring the aesthetics of your main building. At de SIGN co, our knowledgeable and experienced professionals specialize in designing and manufacturing monument signs for businesses. We employ top-tier materials to ensure your sign not only captures attention but also withstands outdoor elements, maintaining its vibrant appearance.
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What Is a Monument Sign?

Monument signs are strategically placed at eye level for effortless visibility from the street, often featuring the name of the business or building they accompany. These signs are particularly well-suited for businesses situated in residential areas, as their distinctive architectural design complements the surroundings, in contrast to pole and pylon signs that are designed to command attention. Various types of businesses and institutions can reap the advantages of monument signs, including:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Wellness Retreats
  • Schools
  • Healthcare Facilities
  • Planned Communities
  • and More

Tailor a Unique Monument Sign for Your Business

Monument signs offer a range of customization possibilities. While the base is typically constructed from metal, it can incorporate additional elements like natural stone and concrete. We can even apply custom colors to the materials to further personalize the design. Our team is proficient in installing both backlit and front-lit channel letters for the sign. Additionally, some businesses opt to enhance their monument signs with landscape elements like mulching and lighting, ensuring visibility both day and night. Rest assured, our team can fulfill all your requirements for your monument sign.